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Ok you guys. I don’t know that I can even write this blog post without totally getting all misty-eyed and ridiculous, but I’m going to try.  I try to keep our blogs relatively, uh, “concise” (which is really a matter of opinion, right?), but sometimes I get a little out of hand talking about these weddings.  And the reason for that is because, well, I really (reallyreallyreally) love my brides.  Really.  I’m writing this from my (Jen2) perspective (versus it being an IST team effort), because, as most of you know, each of  us planners has our own little family of brides.  And I can’t even tell you just how stinking blessed I was to have these girls come into my life.  For real.

From the very first phone call with Taylor (who is a really smart but equally as hilarious lawyer-type, by the way), to meeting her and Ashley in person (who is also wicked smart and funny and fun and probably the most level-headed of the three of us), I was like, “oh yes. new friends.  love them.  want to hang out and talk about sparkles and pretty things and Cardinals baseball all day long.”).  Oh.  Did I mention that Taylor is a Cardinals baseball fan?  Instant points and total meant-to-be-ness.  But alas, we had a wedding to plan.  But we still totally giggled over a lot of things throughout the course of our planning/budding friendship, and there was certainly no shortage of sparkly-things and Cardinals’ discussions.  There may have been mention of a refund of our service fee if they could get my pal David Freese to attend the wedding (sans-date, of course, duh).  But David Freese is on my naughty list for leaving the Cards, so it wouldn’t have worked out anyway had he shown up.  There would have been a lot of drama and fighting and a nasty breakup, so I should probably be thanking my new friends for sparing he and I both the inevitable heartbreak.  But I digress.  Wedding. Talk about the wedding, Jen.  

I honestly can’t take a lot of credit for this wedding.  It was definitely a MAJOR team effort, but not just between all us hard-working wedding vendors, but with gobs and gobs of personal touches from Taylor and Ashley.  Think backyard BBQ meets beachy-glam.  So fun, so cool, so detailed, and so them.  There were books involved in their first look and in the table names, library cards used as escort cards, vintage post cards for guests to sign (and later be mailed to the happy couple by their mothers), SPARKLY CHEVRON LINENS (I want to drape my entire house in that linen) — you name it, these girls thought of it.  We pride ourselves on helping couples to personalize their wedding, but I have to say, I may be giving my new pals a call here and there for some inspiration when I’m stuck for new ideas.  😉

We’ve been sharing a series of wedding videos lately, for a number of reasons:  1) Wedding videos are awesome.  2) Wedding videos make people cry (in a happy-awesome way, not like a my-cat-just-got-run-over-by-a-bulldozer kind of way).  3) We love our videographers just as much as our photographers, and like to give them props, too.

There is SO much more to this happy love story, and SO much more (yes, really) I can’t wait to share once we’re able to share the images from our sweet dear wesleyann, so I’m going to leave this story with a “To be Continued…” for today, and share this incredible ceremony and reception highlights reel from Pure7 Films.

You guys.  This is seriously just one of the best things ever.  Taylor & Ashley: Y’all are like two of the best people on the planet, and  I’m so glad to call you my dear friends.


Reception Venue: Anna’s Veranda | Photograper: dear wesleyann | Videographer: Pure7 Films | Caterer: Paradise Cuisine | Event + Floral Design: Bella Flora | Vintage Rentals: Hemstitch Vintage | Planner: Jen Fisher (“Jen2”) | Ceremony Music: Kyle LaMonica | DJ: Beachside DJ | Hair: Johnathan Doria and Vivo Salon | Makeup: Deana Kale | Ceremony Benches: Specialty Rentals | Pastry Chef: Sweet for Sirten

January 16, 2014 - 5:47 pm

Angela Haley - O.M.G. You gals (all of you, Taylor, Ashley, Jen2, Melanie & team)… y’all knocked this out of the park. Way, way, way out of the park! I am so honored to have played a tiny little part in their gorgeous day (yay no rain!). A + T, y’all are the sweetest thing together! Thanks for including me! Sending you lots of hugs from Florida!

xoxo Angela with Hemstitch Vintage Rental

February 5, 2014 - 3:30 pm

admin - Thanks, Angela! It was so great to finally work with you!! xoxo

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