It’s a Shore Thing Turns the Big 1-2!

So if we’re turning 12, does that mean it’s actually our birthday and not really our anniversary?  Such a head-scratcher that is.  You see, we got all “It’s our anniversary!” on Facebook this morning, but now I’m just confused and trying to figure out what kind of present to buy ourselves.  Let’s go with birthday.  Birthdays seem like way more fun anyway, with cake and streamers and whatnot.  Anniversaries seem stuffy and like they should involve weird presents like paper and silver products and old people drinks like scotch or really old wine or something.  So, birthday it is.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO US!

Also, if you didn’t click on our Facebook page and then ‘Like’ us, you should probably do that now.  Seriously.  Do it.  Or you get no cake.  Here.  You don’t even have to scroll back up – just click on this link.

Thank you.  Now you may have cake.

So anyway.  Yeah, this business sure has been around awhile, huh?  Want a quick history lesson in how this little operation got its start?  Well, it started with a girl and her mom, and an idea to be really awesome at something.  So ya know, why not start a wedding planning business?

Meet the masterminds behind the rise of It’s a Shore Thing: 

This is Jen.  Also known as Jen1.  Jen1 owns It’s a Shore Thing and knows weddings inside and out, upside down and sideways, and could probably hum Canon in D in her sleep hanging by her toes from the ceiling rafters.  (I’d actually pay to see that.)  Jen’s worked her tail off creating this business from the ground up, and has earned a reputation as being really darn fabulous.  Between her and those fortunate enough to learn the Jen1 method of planning weddings over the years, It’s a Shore Thing’s got about 900(ish) weddings under its pretty belt.  (That’s a lot of cake!)

This is JoAnne.  Also known as JoJo.  (We like nicknames.)  JoJo is the other half of the IST brain that helped catapult this business into what it is today (fabulous, in case you missed that part, above).  JoJo is also Jen’s mom, so as you can imagine, the business was grown with some pretty great DNA nurturing its roots.  Like a big tree, only prettier and way more fun.  JoJo’s our go-to girl when the boss is away – she gets stuff done and is a wealth of wedding knowledge.  She also makes this really great birthday cake that should probably be a part of our lives in the very near future.

2001:  A beverage cart attendant, a nurse and a brilliant idea all collided and gave birth to what’s come to be known as one of the best Santa Rosa Beach wedding planners around (hello, horn toot!).

2013: And twelve years later, Jen1’s carting around 3 wee ones and running a business, and JoJo’s keeping us all happy by feeding us cake (ahem, CAKE, JoJo).

We’re looking forward to many more years of planning 30-A weddings, learning all the notes to famous wedding processional songs and putting ourselves into a diabetic coma with gobs and gobs of cake.


July 12, 2013 - 9:57 pm

Martha Ann Jones & Martin von Rosenberg - This is the first time I haven’t had to say, “Happy *29th* Birthday!” in a while time…

So, here we go….
HAPPY 12TH BIRTHDAY!!! You are the best investment for a wedding day EVER! Jenn- you are a WONDERFUL, uplifting/positive/mediator, organized person and so are the people you surround yourself with! Plus, you know how to throw a GREAT party!!!!

I wish It’s a Shore Thing MANY more “birthdays”!!!


M & M (Martha Ann & Martin von Rosenberg)

July 15, 2013 - 12:01 am

erica - happy birthday/anniversary, ladies! i will definitely accept the invitation to join you in having cake to celebrate, and would LOVE to see Jen1 hanging upside down singing Canon in D . . . ! xoxo

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